Horror Escape

Solve the mystery at Horror Escape by finding clues, solving puzzles and unlocking your way through multiple rooms in a detailed set.

Choose from one of the following tours:

House of Occult: You’ve stumbled upon Madame Blavatsky’s House of Occult while travelling Eastern Europe and enter looking for a psychic reading. Upon entering, the door shuts and locks you in with no escape. Madame Blavatsky is nowhere to be seen but you start to uncover tricks to her practice and slowly piece together a way out of her traps.

The Doll Shop: You've purchased the Doll Shop. Over the years it's opened and closed its doors to a slew of hopeful owners who have vanished without a trace. It's said by the towns people to be cursed, but you don't believe in hocus-pocus, and tonight after receiving the keys to your new shop, you are about to enter and see just what lies behind the doors of the legendary doll emporium.

Motel 66: You've checked into an old roadside motel to catch up on rest. Upon entering your room you see that something terrible has taken place here, a murder. Soon you realize the owners of Motel 66 are not only interested in your money, but something much more sinister. You better find a way to get out if you want to stand a chance at survival.

Distance from port: 4.00 block(s)

Victoria, BC

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