Underground Heritage Tours

Haunted Edition: October 12 - October 28:

There's more than just history lurking in the basements of Port Angeles. Ever since the city's underground network of passageways and empty basements was created in 1914 there have been stories. Rumors of ghastly happenings right under the feet of everyday citizens. Join us on a cautious walking tour through the abandoned underworld and hear the stories the city has tried to cover up - with more than just mud from the Hogback. This special Haunted edition of the Underground Heritage Tour takes place on select dates and times from October 12 - October 28. Reservations are highly recommended as Haunted tours often fill completely. Walk-ins can only join on a first-come first-serve basis at the Port Angeles Visitors Center in the 10 minutes before the tour.

Regular Underground Tour

Descend into the darkness of old Port Angeles on this fascinating tour of the city's underground past. Due to flooding concerns in the early 1900s, the entire downtown area of Port Angeles was raised by one story, creating a network of underground tunnels and store fronts. Visit long-forgotten tunnels, see the city's original movie theater, and venture into the old brothel above a family shoe store on this guided tour explaining the history of Port Angeles. Please note: the Underground Heritage Tour does not run on Sundays.

Distance from port: 1.00 block(s)

Port Angeles, WA

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